You love your life, to give and be connected. You’re traveling, dating and steadily building your career. You’re the most fertile you’ll ever be, but you’re far from ready to have a baby.

You know love is out there and soon your biological clock will start ticking. You know you want to be a mom, but you’ve got a lot to do before that time. You want to know more about your fertility. You want to relax, take control of your biological clock and push its pause button by freezing your eggs. Your main obstacle: your health insurance doesn’t cover egg freezing and you can’t afford the $15,000 price tag. Still, you know this is the right choice for you.

Maybe you’ve already considered donating your eggs to an agency, but you’re interested in preserving your own future fertility at the same time.

You can’t imagine a bigger joy than seeing someone’s face when they have a baby. You want to do something that will positively change someone’s life forever.

It’s a gift for both of you.

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