Ali’s Story

Ali Vincent, the winner of the reality TV show, The Biggest Loser, never thought delaying motherhood to focus on her career would mean she would face infertility. “I thought, as independent as I am, that’s never going to be me because, first and foremost, I’m supposed to be a mom.” Watch the story of how she found Tyra, her egg donor, who says “To be able to take someone from not having children to having children, is just so cool!”

Rob and Scotty’s Story

When Rob and Scotty met Lena, their egg donor, they never thought that it would turn into an open donation. But Lena and her husband have become close friends with the couple and a friend to their son who Lena helped to conceive. “I can see them as a family. I get to see the big picture,” says Lena.

Jenesis’ Story

When the timing was right for Jenesis and her husband to start their family, they needed the help of an egg donor. Jenesis knew she wanted to be pregnant and to deliver, but never expected that Jacy, who gave her the gift of an egg, would also become a close friend. “I know a lot of people who are not able to have kids and I decided it was something I could do to help because you can see the way a baby changes a family,” says Jacy.