A rising number of young women want to preserve their fertility through egg freezing at the same time that a rising number of women and couples in their forties and fifties are having children using donor eggs.

Neither option is inexpensive.

A typical egg freeze costs $15,000 plus yearly storage fees. Egg donation involves buying the eggs of a younger woman, creating embryos with sperm (either a partner’s or donor sperm) through in vitro fertilization, and then transferring them in your or a surrogate’s uterus. The entire process can cost upwards of $50,000, sometimes running as high as $100,000.

Dr. Aimee’s Freeze and Share program gives young women who can’t afford egg freezing, or whose company doesn’t cover it on their health insurance plan, the opportunity to freeze their eggs in exchange for donating half.

The woman, man or couple who is looking for an egg donor can choose from a diverse pool of freezers to find their perfect match. Once the match is made through a series of  interviews, Dr. Aimee’s clinic will walk both sides through the process in a personal and intimate setting. This includes:

  • Labs
  • Genetic screening
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Legal contracts
  • Drug screening

The Family Arrangement

Dr. Aimee understands the choice of giving away and accepting a microscopic egg holds so many questions. It’s donation cracks open a whole new world of ­social, ethical and moral choices—everything from the relationship that the freezer and sharer chooses to have during and after conception, whether the freezer will have a relationship with the future child and what that relationship might look like, and what the sharing family or individual will tell the child about his or her biological origins in the future.

It’s a symbiotic relationship that is all about sharing fertility, love and investing in the future of family.